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scarycaravan studios Ltd

"We Create Out of This World Experiences, and Characters to Remember"

scarycaravan studios Ltd is a small creative studio based in the heart of Nottingham, UK.

We are a small team of creatives with big ideas and skillsets to help bring your brand or product to life.


At scarycaravan studios we have a unique and edgy style, which make us STAND OUT from the crowd.  

You can outsource Your work to us and have us produce high quality work: storyboards, concept art, character design, NFT's, game design and  3D modelling.

Our Games

Our Projects

We also work on our own in-house projects, bringing you the very best in creativity,  originality and entertainment.  Please check out our current projects below...


Roblox Experience

scarycaravan studios Ltd are collaborating with Greece-based 3D Game Development Studio, Big Bearded Badass, to bring you an awesome open-world game/experience based on the ghostboy mobile device comic  and Kindle book, created by scarycaravan's, Jason James.


Instagram Cartoon

The Closet MONSTERS is a series of cartoons hosted on Instagram, written by David Salt and Illustrated by Jason James.


We Put the ART into Cartoons.


Let's create!

Want to create something awesome together?  Lets talk about your project or idea. Just drop us a message with further information and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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